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Become a Cannaturals, LLC Retailer

Buy from Cannaturals LLS and gain access to volume discounts of up to 40 percent.

Do you have a desire to spread the word about how amazing our CBD products are? Are you a retailer who wishes to sell our product and turn a margin of 20 – 40%? Cannaturals LLC gives you the opportunity to be a part of this health and wellness revolution.

Cannaturals LLC offers volume discounts when you purchase the following gross amounts of CBD products:

$500 - $999 volume discount at checkout of 20%

$1000 - $1,499 volume discount at checkout of 30%

$1,500 or more volume discount at checkout of 40%

Join us in getting our CBD products out to the millions of people who are looking for a better alternative to medications for themselves and their pets. In addition to chronic pain, arthritis and joint pain, studies suggest that CBD helps alleviate anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, migraines and many more conditions.

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